It is our priority to provide for your child a safe and effective learning environment, one in which your child can develop to his/her greatest potential. Our teachers are experienced and trained specific to early childhood education. They are equipped with teaching strategies and techniques to insure success.

A child is a product of relationships with family, friends, and teachers. Relationships are especially significant in Christian learning. A child learns forgiveness by being forgiven, trust by finding adults trustworthy and fair, and understanding by being understood and by having an opportunity for social experiences with loving adults and other children of the same age.


Teachers help a child feel wanted, loved and secure by providing structured freedom in this first school experience. 


Stories, finger plays, poems, dramatic play, sensory experiences, music, science, nature, cooking experiences, games, and puzzles all work together to stimulate a child’s intellectual development in every dimension. 


A young child’s first lesson in community living is learning about belonging to a group. Within the group, a child learns to share, take turns, give and receive help, and to follow as well as lead. 


 Climbing gyms, balls, bikes, slides, creative movement, etc. help develop large muscles and improve coordination, balance, and strength.



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